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Luxury real estate on the Niçois hills

Real estate in Nice has a certain extravagant character, which makes it a very successful market. Indeed, there is more count the number of luxurious houses that stand out from each other in the Nice district. In each street, splendid villas, dream apartments and princely residences punctuate the city with a range of comfort services for the benefit of the wealthiest. Thanks to this phenomenon, Nice became the economic capital of the Côte d’Azur, a real pride for the region! More information :
The prestigious residences in Nice are a kind of attraction for tourists. Indeed, the potential of real estate is such that it is the main income generating activity for the tourism sector. With its beautiful coastal beaches and places with panoramic views, it was necessary to maintain the city to be at the height of its seduction compared to other regions.
Day and night, it is always good to live in Nice. The beautiful beaches and the sweetness of nature invite to the morning walk. The private swimming pools and the sumptuous gardens of the Nice villas offer means of escape at any time. Private, VIP and privileged parties are organized for night entertainment.

Prestige neighborhoods in the heights of Nice

For a long time, Nice has been the reference for tourism in the French Riviera in the Mediterranean. However, the neighborhoods have their own peculiarities that are adapted to each type of holidaymaker. Indeed, we must take into account the type of homes that are built there (are they equipped with swimming pools, sauna, gyms? What services are offered?). It is also necessary to specify the kind of entourage, the safety, the salubrity … In your projects of purchase or rental property in Nice, then see the most prestigious places for a dream vacation. Here is a small concentrate of the most beautiful neighborhoods that embellish the heights of Nice. Discover website Apartment for sale Cap ferrat.
The Cape of Nice is ranked among the best sectors of the Côte d’Azur. It is one of the premier neighborhood choices for vacationers each year. Located between the port and Mont Boron, the place is laid out so that access to the sea is easy, convenient for walks and picnics with family or friends by the sea. As for his residences, they are all high standing and give a beautiful panoramic view of the Bay of Angels. The entourage is deemed calm, chic and easy going.
Apart from that, Port Lympia is distinguished by its tendency to be very lively at all times. This liveliness comes from improvements in equipment such as the launch of a tram line, the development of pedestrian streets and car parks … In short, for all these reasons, the port Lympia is now called the “Marais” Nice. ”
One of the most beautiful places in Nice that also attracts travelers is the Promenade des Anglais or “The Prom”. Located on the edge of the bays of the Angels, the city is home to historical monuments such as the Negresco, the Centennial Monument and many other beautiful places to visit at all costs.

Buy apartment Standing Mont Boron

Mont Boron can be classified as one of the most distinguished neighborhoods in the region. Located on the mountains of south-east of Nice, the city rises to great height and enchants the tourists during their walks of discovery. Already, its location reflects a majestic image of the coast both day and night. In addition to this, its geographical position offers a breathtaking view of the shores and the natural landscape, which fascinates holidaymakers!
For the purchase of a luxury apartment, the price depends on the living area (it can go from 200 000 up to 800 000 depending on its category.The number of rooms can also account for a lot in terms of real estate sale, it The same goes for the design of the house, as well as the proximity of the place to the amenities, and Mont Boron’s strong point is that it is close to schools, shops and highways.

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